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NGO ‘Centrum educatus’ Education and training centre

Public institution ‘Centrum educatus’ is a non-profit organization (NGO), a legal entity, that has commercial – economic, financial, organizational and legal independence, which, while implementing its activities, follows the Law on Public Establishments and other laws of the Republic of Lithuania, post-legislative acts and regulations of the company.

It is distinguished by friendly, respectful terms with students, the most innovative methodology that help us make the teaching process interesting, cognitive and comfortable at the same time.

It is distinguished by close contact with technically literate lecturers, who are able to convey the purport of their subject comprehensively.

Knowledge of psychology and pedagogic experience allows the lecturers to choose adequate teaching methods for each age group.

It is distinguished by continuous improvement, singleness to the future and respect to the basics.

The aims of the main activities of ‘Centrum educatus’ are:

  • To implement, create and support science, culture, education, art, religion, sport, health care, social care and welfare development programs;
  • To educate, support and motivate individual and sectional initiative oriented to the revival of culture and education;
  • To organize, consolidate and support cultural and recreational events;
  • To implement and develop new science, education and teaching forms, introduce the best tutorial methodology;
  • To motivate premeditated development of democracy, raise spiritual and cultural level of the people;
  • To liaise with educational and cultural organizations and institutions.

You are welcome to register for seminars and courses:

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