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Cool English: 11-14 y.o. kids

cool-kidsCool English: 11-14 y.o. kids

A syllabus for children of  11-14 y.o.

  • A lot of attention is paid to communication in English language, enriching the vocabulary, training understanding of spoken and written language, correct pronunciation.
  • Information technologies, such as computer, video and audio technique, are actively used while teaching English language.
  • All necessary teaching material will be provided to your child.
  • Small groups guarantee that your child will get a lot of attention.
  • Original evaluation and stimulation systems (we want the children to enjoy their success).

Peculiarity of this course: versatile training of reading, listening, writing and speaking skills; interesting texts and reading tasks which raise flaming discussions among the students of this age group; thorough analysis of grammar and workbooks (grammar is taught using contextual workbooks that help to practice grammar rules and master the usage of linguistic structures); analysis of genuine situations while using video records. This course suggests a variety of topical themes and tasks. The projects implemented involve children into the process of language and culture cognition, motivates them to write and speak in English about subjects that are important, interesting and needful for them.

Your children will achieve remarkable results which will be demonstrated to you on the ‘Parents’ days’.

Twice a school year, teachers write reports to the parents on the progress of their children.

Training center guarantees qualitative teaching while taking into account personal possibilities and abilities of a child.

Lessons take place 2-3 times a week.

  • Duration of the lesson – 45 min. (1 academic hour)

Price of the lessons:

  • For 8 lessons per month – 25 Eur
  • For 12 lessons per month – 37 Eur

Once a week classes are held in the computer lab, where students work with interactive training programs designed for English language learning.

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E-mail: centrumeducatus@gmail.com