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English Works: 15-18 y.o. students


English Works: 15-18 y.o. students

This course was prepared specially for the students who are planning to study / work abroad (or in Lithuania), in foreign companies or travel a lot after graduation from school.

English Works 1 – was prepared for 10-11th grade students and is planned for 4-8 months of teaching.

English Works 2 – a continuation of the English Works 1 course prepared for 11-12th grade students and is planned for 4-8 months of teaching.


The course English Works is a thoroughly selected course which helps prepare for employment in foreign companies (business, marketing, secretary’s office, etc.). It will also be suitable for those who are thinking about traveling or studying abroad.

The essence of the course is communication, i.e. speaking skills, understanding of spoken and written language are practiced.

The lessons on systematizing English grammar, which will be needed for the examination of the English Language, take place in addition.

Audio (video) and special computer programs designed for this course enabling to master the knowledge easily at the same time making the process of teaching pleasant and attractive are used while teaching. We do not assign any homework.

You will revise the knowledge which you have acquired at school, deepen the knowledge of business English and acquire the skills needed for negotiations, conversations, discussion of business / work issues and preparation of business documents as well as everyday language skills while learning.

A certificate is issued after completion of the two courses English Works 1 + English Works 2. Experienced, highly qualified pedagogues who have a lot of teaching experience in this course are teaching the sessions.

Lessons take place 2 – 3 times a week (one lesson is in computer lab using interactive studying programme)

• Price of the lessons:

  • From 35 to 52 Eur per month.*

* – The price depends on the number of people in the group, the time and plan chosen for lessons.

Training center guarantees qualitative teaching while taking into account your personal possibilities and abilities.

We are happy that our knowledge and experience, work quality and responsibility will be useful and will help you while studying English language.

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