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Funny English: 5-8 y.o. kids

Funny-kidsFunny English: 5-8 y.o. kids

A syllabus for children of  5 – 8 y.o.

  • Unique methodology and game methods for learning English language; songs, rhymes, poems, educational cartoons, vivacious pictures make the lessons unusual, lively and interesting.
  • A lot of attention to correct pronunciation and training of logical thinking.
  • Active usage of audio and video technique, visual aids.
  • All necessary teaching material will be provided to your child.
  • Small groups guarantee that your child will get a lot of attention.
  • Original evaluation and stimulation systems (we want the children to enjoy their success).

Your children will receive primary knowledge of English language: they will learn to pronounce sounds correctly, to understand and use the main words, phrases and sentences of English language, to work in a group together with other children and a teacher. These lessons will help your children to elude difficulties while learning foreign language at school. During the lessons, a lot of game elements are used. Children play communication games, sing songs.

Your children will learn songs and poems in English language. You will be able to listen to them during our organized festivals or ‘Parents’ days’.

Twice a school year, teachers write reports to the parents on the progress of their children.

Training center guarantees qualitative teaching while taking into account personal possibilities and abilities of a child.

Lessons take place 2 – 3 times a week.

  • Duration of the lesson – 45 min. (1 academic hour)

Price of the lessons:

  • For 8 lessons per month – 25 Eur
  • For 12 lessons per month – 37 Eur

Once a week classes are held in the computer lab, where students work with interactive training programs designed for English language learning.


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