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Real English: 15-18 y.o.students

real-kidsReal English: 15-18 y.o.students

A syllabus for children of 15-18 y.o.

  • Systematization of the knowledge of English language, revision, deeper teaching of grammar, perfection of speaking, reading and writing skills.
  • This course is for the students of senior classes (9 – 12 forms), and it is devoted to preparing the students for taking English exam at school, gymnasium and university.
  • Students regularly test their knowledge by taking tests using a computer. Specially prepared computer programmes help the students to understand English grammar and to improve skills of understanding written and spoken language.
  • Educational video films help the students to deepen the knowledge of English language.

Senior students are prepared to cope with all component parts of the exam either at a school level or at state level; the component parts are: listening, speaking, writing, reading and language usage (grammar and vocabulary). For studying, we use special textbooks that provide necessary grammar and lexical knowledge; textbooks also allow the students to systematize the learned material, teach the strategies of the exam and provide opportunities to check the knowledge. Student gets a lot of additional material and they also work with special computer programmes.

Twice a school year, teachers write reports to the parents on the progress of their children.

Training center guarantees qualitative teaching while taking into account personal possibilities and abilities of a child.

Lessons take place 2 – 3 times a week.

  • Duration of the lesson – 45 min. (1 academic hour)

Price of the lessons:

  • For lessons per month – 35 Eur
  • For 12 lessons per month – 52 Eur

Once a week classes are held in the computer lab, where students work with interactive training programs designed for English language learning.

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E-mail: centrumeducatus@gmail.com