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For Kids and Adults

  • Are ideal for people who can define their needs, have a clear target and save time.
  • All attention is just for you.
  • You can choose the duration of the course, themes, intensity.
  • You don’t have to share the time of the lesson with the other people.
  • Individual teaching is suitable for any level and for people of various ages.
  • Individual teaching is suitable for children and for adults.

If you are very busy, if you need to get ready for a job interview in English, or any other situation, then individual courses are just for you. The material, tempo and schedule is decided taking into the account the needs of the client.

These courses are especially useful for:

  • people who are very busy and cannot adjust to the schedule of the lessons in group;
  • people who want to improve their knowledge of English in a certain field (courses of general or business English, specialized course of English language for professionals working in the areas of management, marketing, finance, telecommunications etc. and aimed at improving and perfection of the knowledge of terminology);
  • people who are planning to travel and are eager to revise the knowledge of English language.

Duration of individual lessons and their intensity is decided together with the student.

Work calendar, schedule, duration and price of the lesson is decided together with the client.

  Price of the lessons:

  • (from 10 Eur for an academic hour)

Training center guarantees qualitative teaching while taking into account your personal possibilities and abilities.

We are happy that our knowledge and experience, work quality and responsibility will be useful and will help you while studying English language.

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E-mail: centrumeducatus@gmail.com