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Distance Learning

3. Seminar:

‘Organizing distance learning and practical usage of innovative methods at school’ 13

This seminar is for:

  • Subject teachers (lecturers);
  • Administration of educational institution.

Methods of work:

Theoretic preparation –  20%;

Practical session – 80%.

What shall the listeners know before the seminar:

  • They must have basic skills of working with computer.

What knowledge will the listeners of the seminar acquire:

  • They will learn to prepare and compose virtual textbooks (lessons) of their subject by using all possibilities of the computer.
  • They will learn to prepare computer tests of the subject they teach and to render them to the students for accomplishing them in the computer class using on-line regime or the internet.
  • They will learn to fill in e-journal of students achievements.
  • They will acquire computer knowledge of distance learning system.

They will find out how to integrate the prepared lessons and tests into general distance learning system of their school or of other educational institutions.

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